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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Top 3 Budget-friendly Ideas To Throw A Fabulous Birthday Bash For Your Child

To host a fabulous birthday party for your child, you have to decorate your party venue in a way that it breathes life to your celebrations along with attracting the attention of all your guests. Although this will require your sincere efforts, you need not spend a fortune for this. Here are some party decoration ideas that are sure to help you create an incredible party atmosphere for your guests without spending a fortune. 
Use a lot of balloons to fill up the party space

Balloons are quite inexpensive and are a great way to add festivity to your party atmosphere. They give a vibrant look to your party venue and cover up a lot of empty space without having you spend much. Be creative with these supplies and come up with interesting birthday party decorations that are sure to surprise your guests. Whether you make a balloon arch, club them together to form balloon clusters, or simply let them float in the air; you will be able to come up with amazing birthday party decorations within your budget. 
Use edible and inexpensive centerpieces instead of buying the themed ones

Such centerpieces can quickly double up as party favors and therefore, will help you save the money you would have spent on buying the themed centerpieces. A bunch of bananas would be a great centerpiece for your child’s Curious George party. For Pinkalicious or princess themed parties, beautifully decorated cupcakes in a cupcake stand can serve as a centerpiece. Fill up a glass jar with some jelly beans and place it at the center of the table.
Also, if it’s a character party, why not use your child’s stuffed toys as centerpieces? Tie a few balloons to them so that they also serve the purpose of balloon weights. For a soccer party, buy some mini soccer key chains and place them in a glass bowl at the center of the party table. This centerpiece is sure to attract everyone’s attention. 
DIYing will save you some precious dollars

If you want to stay within your budget, choose DIYing over buying the prepackaged Birthday Party Decoration supplies. A customized homemade banner featuring your birthday message along with the guest of honor’s face is sure to make your child feel special. Make some tissue paper pompoms and hang them over the party table. Making a paper Mache piñata can be slightly messy but it is sure to help you save a lot more. Piñata making tutorials are available online. If you are DIYing, make sure you start the process much in advance so that you can manage things conveniently.
Party decorations can be as extensive or simple as you want and your budget permits. These party decoration ideas are sure to help you create a festive atmosphere even if you are on a shoe-string budget.


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