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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easter Craft Ideas To Keep the Kids Busy During This Spring Holiday

If you haven’t started preparing for Easter, it’s high time you think of some special projects to do with your little ones. This spring holiday is often associated with lots of creative crafts that are often enjoyed by kids. From making chickens to hunting for the eggs left by the mysterious Easter bunny, let this holiday be full of fun and excitement for them. Here are two Easter craft ideas that are sure to keep them busy for days. 
Confetti eggs

Your little kids would love to smash these eggs at your Easter party or may be in the evening while having fun with their friends. This Easter decoration idea is suitable for children above 5 years but make sure you do not leave them unattended while they are working on these crafts.
  • Hold the egg in a way that the less pointed end is on the top. Firmly prick the top of the egg using a metal skewer. If the hole is too small, remove some part of the shell in order to enlarge it. This will be helpful in removing the content with ease.
  • Let the eggs dry completely.
  • Ask your kids to spray paint them using various bright colors.
  • Let the paint dry. Meanwhile encourage them to make the confetti filler.
  • Give them a hole puncher, bright colored craft sheets, tissue papers, etc. and ask them to punch out circles. Once they have punched enough holes, collect them in a bowl and mix in glitters, and prepackaged metallic confetti to give a bright look to the mixture.
  • Once the paint is dry, let the kids fill in the mixture in the eggs through the holes and seal them by gluing tissue paper. 
Sequin party ball

The glittery balls hanging from the ceiling are a classic party décor. Why not ask your kids to make some of them for your upcoming Easter party?
  • Buy them the required supplies such as foam balls of any size you desire, multicolored sequins, stick pins or glue, and chenille stems.
  • Poke the chenille stem inside the foam ball and bend the outer end inwards to form a loop required for hanging it from the ceiling.
  • Ask your kids to paste the sequins on the balls using white craft glue. Let the sequins overlap in order to give the ball a whimsical look. Teens and tweens can use stick pins instead of craft glue to attach the sequins but make sure you supervise them in order to avoid any injury.
These Easter craft ideas are sure to keep the kids busy preparing for the holiday along with boosting their creativity.


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