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Friday, April 5, 2013

Luau Party Activities That Will Provide Ultimate Summertime Fun To Your Guests

For hosting a successful party, you need to think beyond the standard party aspects such as decorations and food. People, especially kids expect lots of fun and entertainment at parties and you, as a host, must plan some entertaining games and activities to keep them involved throughout the party. When kids are in a playful mood, they are least bothered about the decoration or food; all they want is fun. If you are planning a luau party for your child, these luau party games are sure to create a light, lively, and fun atmosphere. 

No luau party would be complete without a limbo. To play this luau party game, you will need a rod or a stick. A curtain rod will also work. Choose two adults to hold the either ends of the pole. Have your guests put on the grass skirts and flower leis, turn on some Hawaiian music, and ask them to go under the pole by only leaning and not crawling. Once the whole group has passed, lower the pole by a few inches. Anyone who loses his/her balance and falls down is out of the game. Keep repeating this process until you are left with just one player, who will be the winner.
Coconut bowling

Collect 10 empty 2 liter soda bottles and fill them half way with sand so that they stay still till they are bowled. To increase the excitement among kids, decorate the bottles by wrapping grass skirts around them. Arrange them as you would arrange the pins and ask the kids to knock them down using a real coconut. You may use a ball but a coconut will give the kids an authentic luau experience. In order to keep them motivated, award the winners by giving away some Luau Party Supplies
Hula dance 
Hire a dance instructor to teach some hula dance moves to your guests. Kids are sure to love this wonderful Luau party idea. Let them dance for a while and later, you may host a short hula dance competition among them. This will be a good change over the conventional patterned party games. If you have a small budget, you can play some hula dance videos and ask the kids to replicate them. 
Pass the hot coconut

Twist the conventional ‘pass the hot potato’ game and rename it as ‘pass the hot coconut’. Play some hula music, let the kids sit in a circle, and ask the kids to pass the coconuts around the circle. Whenever the music is stopped, the person holding the coconut will be out of the game.

Apart from these luau party games, we also offer many unique and interesting Luau party ideas that are sure to help you plan an authentic luau. Also, browse our adorable collection of Luau party supplies such as tableware, decorations, favor, etc. to plan a grand party within your budget.


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