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Monday, October 14, 2013

Party Games and Activities to Keep Kids Busy at Your Halloween Party

Halloween parties are perfect occasions to gather with your friends and family and celebrate the togetherness. While adults would love to socialize, the little ones attending your party would require special attention so that they don’t involve themselves in any unwanted activities. There are tons of party games and activities that you may plan for your little guests but MyBirthdaySupplies urge you to plan something that will require them to use their creativity and brain power along with providing tons of fun. Here are some fun Halloween party games and activities for kids that you must consider.

Scary hanging Bats

As soon as kids arrive, ask them to make some scary bats from paper and hang them on a wall. Crafty kids would love this activity and will remain busy for long.

Materials needed

  1. Thick black paper
  2. Bat templates
  3. Bone folders
  4. Painter's tape or removable hooks


  1. Use the template to draw the pictures of bats on the black paper. Cut out bat shapes using a scissor. If the kids are too young to use a scissor, have an adult assist them.
  2. Use a bone folder to bend wings and fold them opposite to the direction of body fold. Make holes at the tail end for inserting threads that will also be used for hanging them upside down. You can also make holes and string thread in the wings and heads for hanging them horizontally.
  3. Once the kids have made the bats, have the adults hang them from the ceiling or wall with the help of painter’s tape or removable hooks.

Black cat treasure hunt

Materials needed

  1. Black paper cats
  2. Gold or silver ink
  3. Clues for finding
  4. Treasure

How to play

  1. Treasure hunt excites every child, and therefore, this game is perfect for your Halloween party. You have to prepare a series of clues for the players to find out the hidden treasure. Keep them ready before your guests arrive.
  2. Use either the silver or gold ink to print or write the clues on black construction paper cats. You can also use stuffed cats instead of paper ones and later give them away as favors.
  3. Hide all the clues at different places throughout the party area.
  4. Start the game by giving one clue to the players, which will take them to the next clue and so on till they find the hidden treasure.

Zombie tag

Choose one player as a zombie and ask him to tag others. Kids love tagging game and therefore, you can choose this game for kids of all ages. Zombie tag game involves some running round, so make sure you kids’-proof the area so that they don’t get hurt.

Materials needed

  1. A soft rubber mask
  2. Rubber Hands
  3. Blindfold

How to play

  1. Using a rope make a circle in an open area. All the players have to remain inside the rope circle.
  2. The player who has been chosen as a zombie has to wear the mask, blindfold, and rubber hands and have to stretch out his arms to touch everyone in a zombie style.
  3. Whoever gets touched by the zombie will become the next zombie.

These games and activities are sure to be enjoyed by all your little guests. Make sure you award everyone to keep them motivated.


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