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Friday, June 6, 2014

Whimsical Game Ideas for Tinkerbell Birthday Party

Tinkerbell is the sweetest and adorable of all the fairies and is always loyal to her friends. If your lil one is fan of this Disney fairy then host a Tinkerbell theme birthday party on her upcoming birthday.

Here are some theme games to delight lil fairies attending party:

1) Tinkerbell Tag- This game is similar to freeze tag. Hand over a small pouch of glitter to each player and make one kid "Captain Hook". When you say start, other players will run away from "Hook" and the moment "hook" tags a player, that player will freeze until some player sprinkles fairy dust (glitter in the pouch) on her. Make sure each player gets a chance to become "it".

2) Frog Race- Kids will have a blast, jumping like frogs in this fun frog race. With the help of masking tape, draw a start and finishing line for the race. Let the little guests complete the race, jumping like frogs and whoever comes first becomes the winner. For added fun, make kids wear green socks or gloves on their hands and get a feel of frog. Play a Tinker bell fairy song in the background during race.

3) Fairy Wand- Let the kids do some creative crafts as well like making a fairy wand using simple materials like small dowel pieces, glitter glue, spray paint and more. Divide kids'in-group of 2-3 and let the older kids paint all of the dowel pieces with silver spray paint and carefully cut stars form the craft foam. Then, let the younger kids decorate the stars using glitter glue. Attach the decorated stars to the wands using hot glue then tie ribbons to give it a fancy touch.

4) Fairy Cake Hunt- This game will surely excite every kid at the party and will keep them engrossed until the last moment. Create trail of cues, one leading to another and hide them all over the party area. Gather all the kids and tell them that someone has stolen birthday cake and now all the fairies have to find cake by following clues.
  • Sample clues: It is a clue all fairies want, a clue all fairies expect, so look by the steps that lead to the deck.
  • If you are looking for new clue to hold, go to the place where you keep food cold.
When kids have finally reached last clue, get the cake from the hiding place and put it on the party table. Kids will surely have a blast playing this super thrilling game.


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