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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Simple & Spooky Halloween Game Ideas for Kids

Halloween is around and everyone is looking for different costumes to look at their scary best. An eerie party demands equally dreadful games. Therefore, here are 6 simple and spooky games to add thrilling effect to your party.

Skelton Scavenger Hunt- Purchase plastic skeletons and disassemble them. Hide the bones all around the party area and make clue cards for finding them. Divide kids in teams and give them clue cards to follow. Team that finds the bones and assembles it first wins.

Zombie Squad
Select one player as ‘IT’ and let others act as zombies let them stay motionless or expressionless. Player chosen, as’ IT ‘need to try different tactics to make zombies smile, giggle, burst out in laughter or wiggle without touching them. When IT succeeds in making any zombie smile, giggle or anything then that player joins Zombie and the last zombie wins.

Scarecrow Contest  
Handover 4 to 5 broomsticks, assorted old clothes, tin cans, old newspapers, scarves and pillowcases to kids. You can divide kids in different teams, set a time limit, and within that limit tell them to make scarecrow. You can award prizes to teams on different criteria like most silliest scarecrow, funniest or silliest, by this you will able to applaud more teams.

Bobbing for apples  
This is a fun game and a Halloween favorite too. Take a huge plastic tub fill it with cold water and apples. Have atleast one apple per player. Give each kid a chance to fish out one apple from the tub without using his or her hands. Let t hands of players be clasped behind back. Tell them to use teeth while bobbing for apples. Player who gets more than one apple stands to win.

Hanging Doughnuts  
This delicious and delightful game will make kids explode with laughter while filling their mouth with yummy treat. You can play this game in your backyard; tie a length of rope between two trees. Now tie doughnuts to the pieces of ribbon and then finally tie ribbon to the rope, ensure it is not too high or low, ensuring it hangs slightly above the mouth level. Tell kids to eat doughnut without using hands, you can blindfold them also for adding more thrill to the game. Player who eats the entire doughnut first without letting it off from the ribbon is the winner.

Candy Race- This is a fun game, get lots of candy, wrap it, and get mittens. No. of mittens will depend upon the no. of players you have in game. Divide kids in team and draw a starting and finishing line using chalk or masking tape. Let one kid from each team stand behind the starting line and begin the race. After reaching finishing line they will pick one candy each and get back to their teams, unwrap it pop it in their mouth and remove their mitten. Then handover pair of mitten to another team member and he repeats the process. The last person in the team should remove the mittens and hold its hands up. The last person from whichever team holds their hands up wins.

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